Saturday, June 2, 2012

Game 54: Marlins (29-23) at Phillies (28-25)

Hi everybody,

Here is the score of today's game:

Miami Marlins:                     5
Philadelphia Phillies:         4

LP:   Cole Hamels (8-2)

Hunter Pence gets two RBIs (34)
Carlos Ruiz gets an RBI (32)
Jimmy Rollins gets an RBI (13)

Hunter Pence gets a Home Run (13)

Tough loss by the Phils.  After being up 3-0 after three innings, they fell behind 5-3 and were unable to comeback.  Cole Hamels lost only his second game of the season.  Both of his losses are to the Marlins.  Hunter Pence did hit his 13th Home Run of the year.  The Phils try to win the series tomorrow afternoon with Joe Blanton on the mound.  Blanton has struggled in his last few starts so hopefully he will right the ship tomorrow.  Go Phils!!!

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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