Thursday, September 26, 2013

Outer Banks Food and Snack Update

Hi everybody,

I have some other odds and ends pictures to share from my vacation in the Outer Banks.  The first pictures are from my breakfast out last Wednesday at Stack'em High.

This was a cool breakfast place where I got some great pancakes.

The smothered hash browns were the best.

Even after all that chow I was still hungry.  I started eying my friend's plate but I was able to control myself.

I also got some great snacks to bring home.  The Krispy Kreme Chocolate pies were great.  I wish they sold them around here.

Speaking of pies....I stopped at Bojangles' and got a few Sweet Potato pies to go.

I got some candy at Try My Nuts (hehehe....).

I found some Utz Carolina Style Bar-B-Q potato chips when I went to the supermarket.

All this grub should hopefully hold me over for a few days.

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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