Monday, May 28, 2012

Game 49: Phillies (25-23) at Cardinals (25-22)

Hi everybody,

Here is the score of yesterday's game:

Philadelphia Phillies:          3
St. Louis Cardinals:             8

LP:   Roy Halladay (4-5)

Juan Pierre gets two RBIs (11)
Shane Victorino gets an RBI (24)

Sorry about the late updates this weekend.  The Phils lost the final game of the four game series against the Cardinals but the big story is Roy Halladay leaving the game with a sore shoulder.  He is going to have it looked at tomorrow and hopefully it isn't bad.  The last thing the Phils need is another injury.  Let's just hope he isn't out too long.  Cole Hamels pitches today against the New York Mets.  Let's get another winning streak going.  Go Phils!!!

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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