Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Game 32: Mets (17-13) at Phillies (14-17)

Hi everybody,

Here is the score of tonight's game:

New York Mets:                10
Philadelphia Phillies:         6

LP:   Kyle Kendrick (0-3)

Freddy Galvis gets three RBIs (11)
Cliff Lee gets an RBI (1)
Laynce Nix gets an RBI (11)
Hunter Pence gets an RBI (23)

Same story...different day.  Cliff Lee pitches well in his return and leaves the game (he was on a pitch count) with a 4-2 lead after six innings.  The bullpen then proceeds to give up eight runs in three innings.  This bullpen is terrible. The Phils are just lucky that the Nationals lost their last two games or they would be in even worse shape.  At least they won't lose tomorrow because it's an off day.

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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