Sunday, July 22, 2012

Game 96: Giants (53-41) at Phillies (41-54)

Hi everybody,

Here is the score of today's game:**

San Francisco Giants:         3
Philadelphia Phillies:           4

** Extra innings (Game ended in the 12th)

WP:   Kyle Kendrick (4-8)

Chase Utley gets an RBI (9)
John Mayberry Jr. gets two RBIs (25)
Jimmy Rollins gets an RBI (35)

John Mayberry Jr. gets two Home Runs (8)

Nice win by the Phils to end their three game losing streak.  Joe Blanton pitched well for eight innings.  Kyle Kendrick got the win in the 12th inning with Jimmy Rollins game winning RBI.  John Mayberry Jr. also hit two solo Home Runs.  Roy Halladay pitches tomorrow night as the Phils go for two wins in a row.

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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