Friday, April 15, 2016

Game 10: Padres (3-6) at Phillies (4-5)

Hi everybody,

Here is the score of yesterday's game:

San Diego Padres:                    0
Philadelphia Phillies:                3

SP:   Vincent Velasquez

WP:   Vincent Velasquez (2-0)


Ryan Howard = 2 (6)

* An additional run scored due to a wild pitch in the 7th inning

Home Runs:

Ryan Howard = 1 (3)

Runs Scored:

Odubel Herrera = 1 (4)
Ryan Howard = 1 (3)
Andres Blanco = 1 (1)

Special congrats to Phils starting pitcher Vincent Velasquez who pitched a complete nine inning shutout.  Velasquez also recorded 16 strikeouts and zero walks in his dominating performance.  He is the seventh player in MLB history to pitch a shutout with at least 16Ks and zero walks.  What a great game!

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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