Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Update

Hi everybody,

Happy Holidays!  I have been real busy or I would have posted this sooner. My friends and I had a great time on Christmas day.  I got some great gifts again.  These aren't all for me, they are for my friends too.

Here are some of the gifts I got:

I got this great Phillies calendar

This is some delicious stocking fare

Hey wait...didn't I get this last year?

Reaching in for my final gift....

Boy they really made me work hard for this one....

It's an autographed Chase Utley baseball!!!

This gift is so awesome.  My friends told me, and I quote: "This was really hard to create...uh...'er, get for you".  I have some of the best friends ever. Even my dear Grammie joined in the Christmas fun by sending me some almond toffee and popcorn from Enstrom Candies.

I can't wait to dig in.  Thanks Grammie!

To finish my fun Christmas week, I went to Krispy Kreme in Center City and got some snowman doughnuts.  I also got a cup of joe.

I hope you all had a great week.

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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