Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hi everybody,

Hope everyone had a fun weekend.  I meant to post yesterday but I was unable to until today.  My weekend was pretty quiet.  Just relaxing and thinking about the Phillies season starting.  Only a few days until the first televised Spring Training game on Saturday against the Yankees.  You know I will be watching...Yay!!!  We will unfortunately see Raul Ibanez on the opposing side since he now plays for the stinkin' Yankees.  I still won't boo him though because he is a good guy.

I did have friends over Saturday night. My friend who sent me the naughty Chase Utley photos and "convinced" me to do Ladies Night (coming soon) made Taco Cupcakes.  I know they sound strange but they were really good. She gave me some leftovers and I ate them again on Sunday.

They would be even better with root beer
Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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