Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Talkin' Phils with Little Chase (11-22-11)

Hi everybody,

Backing up Chooch again
Just wanted to post a quick update on some of the happenings with the Phillies.  First off, the Phils resigned back-up catcher Brian Schneider to a one-year deal worth $800,000.  It will be good to see Schneider back with the team again next season.  Even though he isn't a great offensive weapon, he is a good defensive catcher who was helpful to Vance Worley & Kyle Kendrick last season. He is also a great clubhouse presence and will be able to give Carlos Ruiz (or if you prefer Chooch) some days off.

Ty Wigginton
The other move the Phils made was a trade with the Colorado Rockies for Ty Wigginton for a player to be named later.  Wigginton can play 1st base, 3rd base, left field & right field.  I envision him seeing time at all four positions especially with Ryan Howard's injury as well as the uncertain status of oft-injured Placido Polanco.  Wigginton can give Polanco more time off which should lessen the wear and tear on his body.

Wigginton's salary for this upcoming season is only $2 million dollars so the Phils still have some money to obtain either Jimmy Rollins or another shortstop as well as another bench player.  Perhaps a left handed bat that can play left field?  I would still consider Raul Ibanez as that player if the cost is not too high.  He could platoon the position with John Mayberry, Jr....who I imagine will also be playing some 1st base while Howard is out.   I guess we will find out.

Talk to you soon,
Little Chase

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